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by Nikita Patil/ Mumbai

Safety and Independence is such two words like the two faces of coin, where sometimes it is imagination and other side shadow of fear. If we talk about the normal person two words are important in their life as the importance of these two words in life of a blind person.
Sometimes we forget to differentiate between these two words. In present times because of the various types of incidents, the life of blind people had been surrounded by problems. Moreover the life of a blind girl becomes tougher surrounded by endless problems.
When a blind child takes birth more attention is paid towards the safety and independence, which give rise to various types of fear in our mind, this starts right from the childhood. Always there is fear in our mind while playing studying or any other thing. Most of the places we become safe but independence is not possible always and because of this we losses our confidence and get mentally prepared that we can’t do anything in our life.
This is all about a blind person, but if that blind person is a girl, she is forced to face many difficulties in every stage of life; this is reason why the ratio of literacy is less among girls in compared to boys.
Here we are not against safety but we are against the extra caring and safety. But this doesn’t means that we should take advantage of independence. It is necessary to keep balance between both. For this it becomes essential for the parents of blind boy to give proper education to child. Generally it is seen that parents due to safety point of view do not provide education to blind child. If the parents will change their thinking, a blind child will be able to get proper education and become independent.
Society also holds some responsibilities towards blinds, we don’t demand sympathy but hope for the help.
Government should prepare new schemes for our safety and it should be implemented. When all this will come in existence, then only parents will be able to give independence to blind child.
When the parents will start giving freedom in all aspects to blind children we will be able to get our goal in life. Parents should also give us freedom to work at any place.
When we hope safety and freedom from government and society, it becomes necessary to show confidence among ourselves. We should also make efforts for our safety. We should take training of judo-karate for our self defence.
When we blind will bring change in our thinking and have faith in ourselves, then only we will become independent and secure in real sense.
With this thought we can reach the sky limit.

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