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Yes, Surely I can read and write as you do it. I can surely read the feelings of the people, their experiences, their success, news and other worldly things. I can also write My Views, my thoughts. I can also share my views, thoughts with other common people of this world and show my presence. I can also contribute towards building the society, world. But now you will surely be having a question at the back of your mind, what’s new in this, for which I am so excited, as people expect the same thing from a literate person.

I can’t see, I am Blind, but still I can do the things which a normal person do, only because I have learnt Braille.”
– Shilpi Singh

Highligted six dots forming the different different shapes seems like a whole galaxy spreaded over a page. What is this? Numbers, alphabets or words? Who made this? What does it mean? Did it any symbolic language? Like this several questions comes in our mind whenever we see highlighted points over a page.
In 1829, Louis Braille with the help of this six dots had inveted a new method of writing words, music and songs which was been followed by blinds. At present blind of several countries are using this Braille method for writing and reading.
Only because of the magic of these six dots it has made possible for the blind of throughout the world capable of reading and writing. Various types of 63 combinations can be made by these six raised dots and can be written in any language. Nowadays Braille is being used in maths, science and many other subjects. Such type of paper is being used in Braille in which the Braille codes are being raised and fingers could be smoothly moved all over the page. This page is been attached with metalical slate, in order to get the written text over this page, these dots are been pressed by some pointed thing, so that the written text is raised on the other side of the sheet and which can be read by touching.
Before the invented of Braille system, blinds were facing lots of problem in reading and writing and it was time consuming also, as they used to raise the alphabets and then read or write. After the coming of Braille system it became easier for blinds and it takes less time. In modern times large number of new techniques had been come which has made work easier for the blinds. Nowadays several equipments are being used in Braille system for reading and writing, few types of equipment in Braille are useful in preparing books and few helps the blinds to read the information avialble through computer internet. Few equipments are such that although they are useful but also cheap, but there are few such equipments which require much hardwork to use it and also expensive. Presently it has become very easy for the printing of books and magazines by the use of Braille Printer Emboser, words are being converted in to Braille and few important types of equipment which are being used by the blinds while working in schools, jobs or personally are listed below. Braille slate and stylers, Braille display, electronic Braille note takers, Braille printers, Braille wirters etc.
By increasing use of computers and seeing the few extraordinary blind persons touching the sky without learning Braille and achieving a status in their life, a humor was developed among blinds that Braille system is of no use for them. But in fact it is not true, if we see carefully, we will find still the Braille is playing important roll in blind person’s life and becoming the base of the spirit of doing something in life. Those blind people who know Braille very well receives the help from every side either they are in job, study or in music. There are few small Braille based equipments which can be used anywhere whether it is matter of taking notes.
In reality Braille has an important place in blind person’s life, not only it educate them, but also gives the feeling of freedom and equality. Braille is key for success, job, and freedom in their life. It is very necessary for the each child who is blind to learn Braille.

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