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What should not be done in Holi

  • Don’t allow children to play holi with mud, eggs, coal-tar and sewer.
  • The people who don’t want to play holi, respecting their freedom never force them.
  • Avoid use of Abeer, because it is harmful for eyes it contains mica. 
  • Steps to be taken for safe and healthy holi
  • Always play holi in groups so that antisocial elements would not get a chance to harm you.
  • Use herbal or powder colours, and if use of water is required be sure that water is clean.
  • Always keep clean water with you while playing holi , so that in times of need people should not use dirty or gutter water.
  • Avoid use of balloons, be alert while driving, keep the glasses covered to save yourself with balloons water. This can give rise to major accidents.
  • Always use helmet while driving two-wheelers.
  • Always play holi carefully and never force others to play with you.
  • It is good to play holi with colours with great fun and enjoy but same side it is important to keep yourself safe from harmful colours also.

Effect of chemicals mixed in colours on our body
Colours Chemicals Effect on our health

Black : Lead- oxide Kidney, affects the absorbing capacity

Green : Copper sulphate eyes allergy, blindness for short period

Violet : Chromium Iodide Asthma, Allergy

Silver : Aluminium Bromide Cancer

Blue : Persian Blue Skin allergy

Red : Mercury Sulphate Skin cancer, mental diseases    

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