Corneal Blindness (blindness due to the damage of cornea)


A glass like transparent layer covers the eye ball which gets damaged due to injury, eye infection and lack of nutrition in childhood. Blindness occurred due to the corneal damage, the eye sight could be brought back through eye donation only. In our country, there are large number of people who became blind due to corneal damage. We can avoid this situation by taking proper care of cornea

Causes for corneal blindness

Deficiency of Vitamin A is the main cause of corneal blindness. Vitamin A helps in strengthening the surface tissue of our body including eyes also. Deficiency of Vitamin A weakened the cornea and sores occurs which results in blindness. The continuous deficiency of Vitamin A occurs due to dysentery, Khasra and malnutrition. Deficiency of Vitamin causes corneal blindness and many other diseases, and if is not treated properly the child can become blind. Pregnant and breast feeding women and children should take leafy and yellow colour vegetables and fruits which is rich in vitamin A should be taken in diet.

Indications or symptoms

Wrinkles and dryness can be seen on the child’s skin and eyes, the white portion of the eye ball loose its shininess and appears dull, dry, rough and full of wrinkles. Brownish coloured rough and bulged patches which is called by tat could be seen over the white portion on corner of eyes. Child is not able to see clearly in dim light or during night time. This situation is called as corneal blindness.


Taking proper quantity of green leafy vegetables like palak, chaulai, chana, methi and cabbage in daily diet, having fruits like carrot, papaya, mango etc fruits daily can avoid corneal blindness. Encourage breast feeding in women. Precaution from dysentery. Taking khasara vaccination in time. Moreover the intake of vitamin A in sufficient quantity in our daily diet can avoid corneal blindness.

Precaution for the other reasons of corneal blindness.
It is very necessary to provide balanced and nutritious diet to children to prevent corneal blindness occurring due to malnutrition. Prevent eyes from any type of injury. Avoid infectious diseases by keeping the surrounding neat and clean. At the time of infection, use separate and clean towels, bed sheets for each member of the family. Wash the face several times a day with clean water and destroy all the causes for the spreading of flies around your residence.

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