In case I am advised eye surgery like cataract, is there any precaution I should take with my diabetic or hypertensive medications?

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Most eye surgery is done under local anaesthesia; hence you need not starve yourself before the surgery. If you are on oral anti-diabetic agents, we usually recommend discontinuation of the medication on the morning of surgery. You may resume the medication along with your next major meal. In case you are on insulin, it is best you follow the advice of your diabetic specialist. You should find out from your eye doctor the time of surgery and inform your physician, so that he can alter your insulin schedule accordingly. For hypertensives, it is very important that they continue their medications as per their schedule and not miss a single dose, especially on the morning of the surgery. They should of course, inform their eye doctor about the medications they are on and the fact that they are hypertensive. He may wish to avoid the use of adrenaline and similar compounds during surgery as they may cause a rise in blood pressure.

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