How safe is surgery? I have heard everyone after glaucoma surgery develops cataract, is it true?

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Glaucoma surgery is fairly safe and complication free. It involves raising a flap of the white of the eye, the sclera and making a new drainage pathway for the fluid of the eye to escape. This surgery is known as trabeculectomy. This flap is then closed by sutures or stitches, which may or may not require removal. This surgery does hasten the onset of cataract in a small percentage of patients. You have to remember however, that these patients are elderly and usually have some cataractous changes in their lenses even before glaucoma surgery. Also modern cataract surgery is equally safe and effective in eyes previously operated upon for glaucoma. In some patients, who have a significant amount of cataract and glaucoma, your eye surgeon may do a combined glaucoma and cataract surgery with intra-ocular lens implant, all in one sitting.

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