Keep your eyes healthy in summer


Proper care and attention to keep your eyes healthy in summer

We take precautions of few things in summer season we can save our eyes from many problems. Wash your eyes several times throughout the day with cold and clean water. Apply cucumber slices or cotton dipped in rose water upon eyes, these will provide freshness to eyes. Healthy and balanced diet, proper sleep both are necessary for eyes. Eat more and more green and leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, bathua, mustard and sprouted grains in food. Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day so that harmful substance sweats out of the body and body gets moisturise which is necessary for eyes also. Take special care for cleanliness in case of any type of infection in eyes. Don’t touch or rub the eyes again and again with hands. Use black goggles, but never let others to use your goggles. Don’t let any others to touch the things used by infected person.

Bright sunlight

Always use sun glasses when you come out in bright sunlight so that our eyes can be protected from ultraviolet rays. As these rays are so harmful for eyes it can lead the affected person to cataract or hazards of retina like problems. Like we use sunscreen cream to protect our skin from ultraviolet’s rays in summer, in similar way we should use sun glasses to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses protects our eyes from ultra violets rays of sunlight. While purchasing sunglasses always be sure that it is effective in protecting your eyes from UV rays and frame should be closed from all sides so that UV rays and other dust particles can’t enter our eyes. Rinse your eyes with cold and clean water. The people who wear UV protective contact lenses, should wear sunglasses so that remaining part of eyes can also be protected. If you use power lens in that case also sunglasses should be used to protect eyes from ultra-violet rays.

While swimming

Use swimming glasses while swimming, it will not only save your eyes from the allergy caused due to chlorine present in water but also protect eyes from Conjunctivitis in swimming pool. Generally chlorine and other chemicals are used in large quantity to keep the water clean and safe in swimming pool which can cause infection to eyes. So whenever you come out of the swimming pool always rinse your eyes properly with clean water, even then any problem occurs consult eye specialist immediately.

This can cause harm to your eyes

  • Don’t rub your eyes in case dust, soil or sand particles enters your eyes.
  • Don’t apply kazal, Surma, mascara and eye liner on your eyes, as these contains chemicals and carbon particles which are harmful for eyes and also allergic.
  • Don’t use handkerchief or towel of other person.
  • Don’t enter swimming pool at the time of conjunctivitis infection.
  • Don’t start your on treatment at the time of problems in eye.
  • Once the seal is opened, eye drops should be used within a month’s time and left out should be destroyed.
  • Never sit in front of AC as it is harmful for eyes.
  • Keep your hands clean always.
  • Sunglasses not only saves your eyes from UV rays but it also protects your eyes from allergy caused due to smoke or dirtiness.
  • Don’t wear small frame glasses only for style. Glass frame should be so big that it can cover the eyes completely.
  • Never apply sunscreen around eyes which can cause harm to eyes.

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