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If the thousands of participants of Sunday’s marathon inspired you to take physical fitness seriously, the 290 physically impaired participants who were running for a cause should inspire you to tackle life head on. With their indefatigable spirit, these physically and visually impaired participants left onlookers much in awe.

One such organisation called Nina Foundation had participants on wheelchairs to spread the message that even people suffering from spinal and lung injuries can lead a happy life. Kureshi Zaid (24), a member of the foundation said, “People have a different mindset towards us which is not very welcoming. We are also as much part of the society as them. We only expect people to accept and show compassion towards us. Through this cause, we want to give out a message that all people should be treated equally and we are no less than others. Also, I am grateful to the foundation that has stood by us like a rock and has motivated our self-esteem at every step,” Zaid told FPJ.

With the mission of ‘Blind Free India’, Giants Eye Donation Center’s 16 members participated in the marathon with T-shirts printed with the slogan ‘Let your eye never die, donate your eye’ on the back. Keychains and pamphlets carrying eye donation awareness messages were also distributed in the marathon. “Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for all visually impaired people irrespective of religion or socio-economic status. Also, we want to promote effective measures for the prevention of blindness and for education and training, rehabilitation and employment of the visually impaired by conducting awareness camps, provide financial help and free support material,” said Dr Kamal Jain, chairman of Giants eye donation center.

Mumbaikars living around Azad Maidan woke up on Sunday morning to the sounds of an army band playing patriotic tunes to encourage war veterans who despite being physically impaired participated in Sunday’s marathon with prosthetic limbs. Their objective was to make people aware of the challenges these unsung heroes face in everyday life.

An army band from the 11 Dogra Regiment in Colaba rose in honour of these veterans who returned after completing their lap in the marathon. The band, made up of 15 drummers and bagpipers, was headed by a band major. Dressed in the traditional white and gold uniforms, the band attracted attention due to the unusual choice of instrument viz a bagpiper.

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