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Eye Test


When was the last time you had your eyes tested? You can’t remember? Yeah, well, neither do I! With this eye test you can test your vision at home easily and totally free! After doing the tests you should be able decide whether or not you should see an eye doctor (optometrist, optician). Doing the vision tests is fun, and you can also share the results with your friends on Facebook!

The application has 6 types of eye tests:

  • Visual acuity tests (based on a Snellen chart, numbers and text, with black or white background)
  • An Ishihara Color Blindness test
  • 4 Amsler grid tests
  • An AMD test for macular degeneration
  • A Glaucoma survey
  • A Written test aka. how much do you know about the eye?

If you want more tests, download the pro version that has 7 more tests: OKN strip, Red Desaturation, Contrast sensitivity, duochrome test, Landolt C (Landolt ring) test, Tumbling E test, Astigmatism test

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