05 Dec

Our Rights

In our life few things we get very smoothly and for few things we have to struggle hard, in that case should be accept defeat or left trying moving ahead.
When we talk about our rights it becomes more important.
In our life whenever we try to achieve new things , to make our own new ways, we should get our rights also. And if are deprived of our rights we should have the spirit to fight against our rights.
We blind people always keep on demanding our rights regarding 3% reservation, right to equality, equal work within office or rights related to other facilities.
Did we ever thought that there are many more rights which are significant in our life, as we try to demand our rights keeping the daily routine requirement of our life.
Can it happen that all this discussion regarding our rights can be related to techniques.
I consider that technique is the solution of every problem, so technique is having significant role in my life. Today we are not receiving our all rights but we are try for our few basic right , among which one is right of technique.
Technical rights- if we succeed in getting technical right, in that case we would be able to face lots of difficulties of our life. We can also make use of techniques. Softwares are developed in such a way that it becomes very easy for us to work with it.
Oftenly it happen that any how we get job in bank but work is not allotted to us as per our ability. Many times different types of softwares are in use in banks and we are not aware about it, but if training is provided to us we can prove ourself the best.
Nowadays a large number of blind people wants to make their career in field of IT and there will be no importance of education in our life if we are deprived of technical rights.
Above case is not at every place, in few of the private offices we are using the technique in better way. We are demanding for the technical rights and hopefully we will get it but it will be fruitful only when society will relay on us.

Nikita Patil

Computer Instructor at Kamla Mehta School For The Blind, Mumbai
100% Visually Impaired, based in mumbai, working with Kamla Mehta School for The Blind as a computer instructor

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