04 Feb

A light of inner vision in the dark

I am Amit Bhatt from New Delhi, India.
I belong to a Brahmin Garhwali family and I was borne and brought up in Delhi only. I lost my complete eyesight at the age of 12 due to glaucoma. I have done my schooling in 2001 from mainstream school under the integration education system of National Association for the Blind, Delhi and my School was GLT Saraswati Baal Mandir. I had done Diploma in Computer Application and Access Technology from NAB Delhi itself in the same year. I graduated in Political Science HONS from Hindu College in 2004.
I wanted to become a News narrator on TV but due to my vision impairment, it didn’t happen. From the childhood it was my main interest to talk to the people and record the interviews on the cassettes. Later I realized that if not a TV news anchor, but I can do some desk reporting on All India Radio. I tried to talk to the radio people and they didn’t consider my request. Finally it took me around one year to make them understand and it was the day of 17th November 2002 when I got an opportunity to be a 1st blind sports reporter of All India Radio, Delhi. I worked for a sports based program named Khel Sewa to be broadcasted on Yuva Vani channel. I got opportunities to take some interviews of prominent sports people like Former International Test Cricket Empire, Mr. S. K. Bansal.
The journey of my career started in 2004 when I did join a company as a Helpdesk Executive in a Software firm in Noida. In 2008 I shifted to a tourism company and worked here as Senior Executive – Reservations for around 4 years. Presently I am working as a Software Accessibility Testing Engineer with an IT Firm.
I received “Shri Lal ji Mehrotra Foundation Award for Excellence” by National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, Mumbai on 9th Dec 2007.
By nature I am a sensitive person and prefer to be with sensitive people. My main hobbies and interests are: socializing, discussing current affairs, surfing internet, traveling, playing Chess, listening Ghazels, soft instrumental music and meaningful songs. I am fond of fragrances, so I love to use various perfumes and fragrances. I am a lover of nature and believe that nature is the 2nd name of God.
Since I love socializing, I started SayEverything mailing list in year 2005 with an objective to create and integrated platform for all.
I have a big family, 4 sisters and 1 brother. They all are settled and married. I am the youngest one and bachelor in my family. My father was passed away in 2003 and currently I am living with my kind Mother. I believe that life is a journey. I like challenges because sometimes it becomes milestones of our life. I cannot forget the substantial contribution of my parents who have devoted their life in best possible manner in the overall development of my life.