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Though our societies and nations are turning so advanced yet unfortunately whenever we hear about a visually challenged person, the first thing that pops  out in our mind is ‘Dependence and Sympathy.’  Keeping this point in mind, we are going to confront you with an initiative and innovative idea made by visually challenged people.  In present era, visually challenged people are doing   really a commendable job. Not only they are enduring the conservative mindsets but are setting benchmarks for our society. Here is an immensely inspirational story of Radio Udaan which will compel you to bring a change in your perspective towards visually challenged community.

Radio Udaan, is an internet radio station run by visually challenged people. This station is not backed by glamorous personalities or any elite class of society, but is an outcome of collective hard work of visually impaired people. The team members, RJs and the  whole Radio Udaan family is not only pursuing their respective careers, jobs or studies but investing their valuable time in this Radio Station.

The motive of this station is to color the lives of listeners with bright and sparking shades.  The Radio Station is not only catering lots of fun to listeners but also a lot of information and is elevating   their  level of knowledge . The RJs are trying their best to cover a large spectrum of information. It has included shows from Bollywood masti to book reviews, from inspirational talks to travelling information, cooking tips to social issues, religious dives to social harmony, etymology to rationality and much more. The discussions, debates and talks are icing on the cake   .  Here the     talks are not being imposed on any person but rather talks are about the listeners, their choices, sufferings, and current issues. These shows are not only broadcasted once a week but they are re-broadcasted as well. Radio Udaan also possesses an archive for those who missed their favorite shows. For the convenience of listeners, Radio Udaan has also made a provision of feedback forms. Moreover, interested listeners can also participate in our shows by filling a form on our website www.radioudaan.com. Keeping in mind the mobiles, which are the life-line of our generation, Radio Udaan provides respective options for android, IOS and other systems to enjoy the ride of this dynamic radio station.

A lay man may be thinking how is it possible, right? Well, being an RJ of this station let me introduce you with our way of working. We the visually challenged people, use screen readers to assist us in operating computers and laptops.  From switching on a computer to arrange our show stuff is done independently by us without any sighted assistance.  Every action regarding Radio Udaan like web hosting, web designing, Radio Jockeying, management; administration etc is being done by the visually challenged people. Our shows are both recorded and live ones.

Though Radio Udaan is an outcome of every RJ and the whole Radio Udaan family yet there is a hierarchy which goes like   Mrs. Minal Singhvi: Station Director, Ms. Jyoti Malik: Programme Manager, Mr. Danish Mahajan: General Secretary, Mr. Saif Rehman: Joint Secretary, Mr. Rajeev Bhambri: Advisor and Mr. Balanagendran: Media spokes person.

Radio Udaan provides the bliss not only to our national listeners but to foreigners as well. It is being listened in more than 50 countries. This is a thread which is attaching the hearts and minds across boundaries. Indeed, ‘Radio Udaan, A flight of life’ is an example for people who think that people with vision impairment cannot do things themselves.  Radio Udaan is a firm model of ‘insight and vision’.  May be the people behind Radio Udaan lack eyesight but the canvas of their vision is much broader and innovative than that of a normal person.

So, wake up people, it is a time to cherish the deeds of visually challenged people. The need is of empathy not sympathy. Time has come that the society has to replace their old fashioned thinking with dynamic one.

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