“Through My Eyes” art exhibit highlights visually impaired artis


“Come see the work, but also see that art doesn’t necessarily have to be completely visual. It can also be sound and texture and really changing the perception of what an artist can be and who an artist can be,” said Erin Latham.

Three police chases in three days, and they all went through the streets of Edmond. Tuesday’s messy crash on Broadway in Edmond may have surprised the driver, but police had it planned. “It takes a lot of communication, you have a lead car in the pursuit and then you have a secondary car following behind,” said Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Monroe. Monroe says officers go through extensive training, so maneuvers like forcing a crash to end the chase, doesn’t get anyone killed. Officers can…

Even though it’s the middle of winter, rain chances are going up for Oklahoma.   Rain looking likely especially during the day on Saturday for most.

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