Think before doing charity in Blind Schools


Think Before Doing Charity in Blind Schools

The world is making progress in every zone but still the minds of people are stuck somewhere in past. There have been thousands of instances when people do charity in special schools. Especially, such instances are in plenty during the times of ‘Shraads’.

People think that they are performing a kind and humble job by distributing food amidst children with disabilities. They carry out these actions like rites and rituals. In one of the scenarios, students shared the views that they were full to the brim but even then people kept on catering snacks and food. Do you think it is a good and kind deed?

Okay, if you really want to do something for special schools inmates, why not cater them skills? Of course, such a deed won’t fill their stomach for one time but that would sow a seed of skills in them. If you really want to do something for them from the bottom of your heart, then please understand that they don’t need your charity.
What you can do is, just make arrangement of trainers and pay their fees. Why not arrange personality development, English speaking and other trainers for a couple of days or for a week as per your pocket. It may not give you the satisfaction of seeing people eating food but it will, in true sense, brim their minds and hearts with skills which are very important for them.

The skills taught to children will remain with them forever and these slices of skill sessions can pave a concrete path for them. Why not these training sessions then? When you are spending so much of cash in arranging food for them, then why not do something for them that can reap fruit for them all their lives?

A single session of an hour can instil them with skills that can polish their talents, upsurge their spirit and open new horizons for them. Don’t you think they need your support and not your charity? Think from your mind and not your heart. Let your kind actions make them successful people.

These children are packed with plenty of talents, knowledge, wit, enthusiasm and much more. They just need a key to get unlocked. Give them training sessions and they will suffice you with their successful careers and extensive development.

Are you still stuck in food charity or you are ready for a challenge to act out of the box? Think before doing charity in Blind Schools

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