Volunteers Experience / MSW – Agra Convention 2014



Blind Stars Beyond Facebook Bridging The Gap

7th to 9th November, 2014

Volunteers Experience

Department of Social Work (MSW), ISS, Agra

9th November 2014

Movie Screening and Interaction with audience, We were shown beautiful short movies with the same message of supporting the cause of Eye Donation. The movies were so inspiring that every person watching them must have pledged to donate their eyes.

Assistive Technology and Education: It was enriching to know that technologies are being developed to make life as normal as possible for the blind. There is no dearth of technologies to assist the blind in their day to day activities and hence they cannot be considered any less than their sighted counterparts in any aspect of life.

What we are taking back from this experience:

It is easy for anyone who has not got the chance to interact with people with disabilities to doubt their capabilities. But when you delve deeper and encounter so many blind people who are success stories in themselves, all your myths and preconceived notions are shattered. These people represent what determination and perseverance could help you achieve. They are the very personification of the saying You become what you believe. These people believed they are achievers, and there they are, inspiring hundreds of people wherever they go. Not only has each one of us pledged to donate their eyes, but we are also going to recount this experience whenever we feel that something could not be done. We, as students of Social Work, are taking back many positive lessons that are sure to help us and enrich our abilities to deal with people who are different from us in some way or the other. We will certainly do our part in sensitizing the society to deal with people with disabilities with the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Read the full report – Agra Convention 2014 – Report – HTML with Audio/Video

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