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When was your last Eye Test? Diabetes, Diabetic Eye & Eye Care Survey is just to help us to find out the current situation of Diabetes in India. What people understand about Diabetes, Diabetic Eye or issues related to eye care among persons with Diabetes. Do you know? India has perhaps the world’s second largest population with diabetes and the number of new diabetics is growing by leaps and bounds. As per the medical research surveys, more than seven crores diabetes patients are in india, among which half ratio is of women. There is a possibility of these number to be increased by ten crores by year 2030. Presently, diabetes is being considered as the disease of high society people, these disease silently trap them because of their modern way of living. Mental tension, fat, irregular eating habits especially consuming junk food and lack of exercise is the main cause of this disease. Once a person is caught by diabetes it becomes impossible to get rid of this. But by being alert and taking few precautions the diabetic patient can enjoy life. It can be kept under control by regular and balanced diet, exercise and medicines.

If the Diabetes‬ is aged too long it surely affects other parts of body and one those could be eyes. Diabetes affects the walls of blood veins and weakens the veins carrying oxygen to the Retina (where image is formed). If a diabetic patent is not having a controlled limit of sugar then he/she can get affected with the Diabetic Retinopathy and the most worst part is that it is diagnosed only after it turns dangerous.

As we all know millions of Indians have been diagnosed with diabetes. And millions more have diabetes but don’t know it. We created a When was your last Eye Test? Diabetes, Diabetic Eye & Eye Care Survey to understand the current situations in India. Take out our survey and support us to develop better plan for people with Diabetes.

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