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More than 10 crores diabetes patients by 2030

Diabetic Retinopathy is very dangerous for eye. India has perhaps the world’s second largest population with diabetes and the number of new diabetics is growing by leaps and bounds. As per the medical research surveys, more than seven crores diabetes patients are in india, among which half ratio is of women. There is a possibility of these number to be increased by ten crores by year 2030. If the Diabetes is aged too long it surely affects other body parts and one of those could be eyes. As you all know, diabetes affects the walls of blood veins and weakens the veins carrying oxygen to the Retina (where image is formed). If a diabetic patient is not having a controlled limit of sugar then he / she can get affected with Diabetic Retinopathy and the most worst part is that it is diagnosed only after it turns dangerous.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Arteries carrying blood starts secreting of person suffering from diabetic retinopathy and swells and develops into brush like lines which harms the retina of eye due to which the supply of oxygen and nutrition stops in retina.

Some preliminary symptoms of Retinopathy
• Weakening of eye sight on regular intervals
• White cataract or black cataract
• Getting regular chronic effects in eyes contamination
• Weak eye sight in the morning hours
• Bleeding in retina
• Headache or sudden change in eye sight
• As compared to normal person a diabetic patient is more venerable for cataract

Precautions for safety
• Get regular eye checkup, even necessary for children
• Keep cholesterol and sugar under controlled limits in blood
• If one feels pain, darkness, anxiety in eyes contact doctor immediately
• Diabetic patients should get eye checkup atleast once in a year
• Diabetic patients suffering from over 10 years should get eyes tested once quarterly
• Pregnant women if diabetic contact the doctor for further precautions

The longer the diabetes the chances of diabetic retinopathy increases rapidly. However with the help of laser technique the blindness can be controlled upto 60 % but by being aware and taking precautions one can avoid such problems.

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