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Agra –  Agra Convention for blinds ” Blind Star beyond facebook – Bridging the Gap”‘ is going to begin from November 07, for which online registration begins from today September 15, registration was inaugurated by Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatnagar, Chairperson of Aksansha Samiti by doing first registration giving amount of rupees 500 during a simple ceremony organized in Hotel Gowardhan.

Member of Blind Stars Team and PHD scholar of JNU Mohammad Misbah carried the online registration of Mrs. Bhatnagar in website other member of the Akansha Samiti  Mrs. Sarita Singh also has done her registration on this occasion.

While addressing the people on this occasion, Mrs. Sangeeta Bhatnagar said that its a very fruitful step for organizing the national Convention for blinds in Agra. Through this Convention a message will go among the society that blinds are not only for sympathy and pity, but blinds can also work like normal people and can move with main stream of the society. She assured that her Samiti will provide complete support to this seminar. meanwhile she appealed to the press people and citizens of Agra to make this Convention successful and to provide financial support.

The managing trustee of Antardrishti Mr. Akhil Srivastava informed that it would be the first time in the country that a Agra Convention for blinds is going to organise in November in Agra, in which the blinds working in government, non-government and corporate companies would be able to come under one banner. main motive behind organizing this Convention is to bring the blinds along with the main stream of society showing that they can also work as normal people and to empower them, usually in lack of information and resources blinds are being lagged behind.

The founder member of Blind Stars Mohammed Khalid said that there is possibility of presence of more than 200 blinds throughout the country in this Convention. These are those blinds who had established themselves in the society, now its turn to bring those blinds along with the main stream of society who are behind or still struggling in lack of information and resources.

Blind stars Avinash Shahi, Kapil Mittal, Pooja Mittal, Shridhar Upadhaya, social works , senior media persons Brij Khandelwal , Yogendra Dubey, Azhar Umari , Vikram Shukla from ‘Hum” organization, Rajesh Chouhan from Royal Riders, Dr. Pushpa Srivastava, Shasishekar Sharma remain present during the programme.

Convention will be organized from November 07 to 09 , 2014

A three day long Agra Convention “Blind Star beyond facebook – Bridging the Gap” organized by the joint efforts of Antardrishti Organization and Blind Stars will be held from November 07 to 09, 2014 and there is possibility of presence of more than 200 blinds from throughout the country. This seminar will be organized in Golden Jubilee Hall situated in Paliwal Park in Dr B R Ambedker University.

What is Blind Stars

In October 2012, Mohammed Khalid, Avinash Shahi, Iffat Siddiqui, Sayyed Mohammed Raza Hasani , Kapil Mittal and other friends start a group in facebook called Blind Stars, motive was to provide a platform to the blinds where they can get the information regarding their problems and can share the opportunities. Presently more than four thousand people from national and international levels are included in this group. A 21 member team was formed for the proper monitoring for the work, in which 20 are blinds.


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