Blindness / Photography – Katrina Kaif / Bhavesh Patel – Part I


Have you ever thought of any blind doing photography. Taking the natural beauty locked in camera when the person himself can never see the object. It feels awkward saying blind photographer. Even if we believe that there are high quality camera available in the market but even that one won’t take risk to give the project of commercial photography or any add shoot to any blind photographer. The ANSWER to all these questions would be a big NO but Bhavesh Patel has broken all these myths and snapped Katrina Kaif during her add photoshoot and his pictures did wonders. His works are also shown through a video “Perfume Portraits” where Katrina is seen in a violet colour gown. The most amazing fact of the photoshoot was that Katrina had applied perfume and smelling the fragrance of the perfume, Bhavesh was taking the pictures. Listening to this we have now come with lots lots of questions, whether the blind can do photography, how does the frame prepares, which and what camera and several such questions. Eye Care Info congratulates Bhavesh on his achievement and tried to know what and how actually he achieved this fleet.

How did you struck the idea of photography even being blind?

Year 2010, when the first year of college completed and was vacation time, on that very day, an announcement was made that Blind With Camera Foundation is organizing a photography class meant for the blind people. I had never heard that blind can also do photography, thus clicked with an idea,  not to try it. Bhomick sir and his team gave training of one and half month during which we were taken different places for taking snaps. When the course got over, I felt an unusual experience and finally decided that my profession would be photography.

How do you do photography? How you come to know where exactly is the object and in what pose?

It’s so simple for me, if its human I touch the person to feel his/her height, body structure and if possible keep my hand over the shoulder to know the exact dimensions of the object. After which I set my camera at that very same level sand continue talking to the person, which makes me realize of every moment the person is making and that very moment keep my camera on auto focus and take my snap.

In order to take snap of a nonliving thing I have to take help of any person. If I have to take snap of the national Tri-Colour, I will first enquire about its dimensions and the flow of wind and finally snap the picture.

What was the experience which shooting Katrina Kaif’s add film?

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