Do not take Conjunctivitis lightly


Monsoon brings great relief after bearing such scorching sunlight during summer season, everyone is awaited for the arrival of monsoon when it will come and they would be able to enjoy rain, but sometimes just in enjoying rain we forget to take care of our eyes and are forced to face several problems. In rainy days, dirtiness and presence of flies spreads in environment, and due to lack of personal cleanliness, possibility of infection increases.

Be alert while seeing eyes of others

Conjunctivitis commonly known as flu spreads rapidly during rainy season, in common language it is called as ankh aana. It is a infectious disease and spreads rapidly from one person to another infected person and should not be taken lightly. In lack of precaution it could lead affected person to complete blindness. Don not try own or home-made medicines in flu, use the eye drops or medicines after concerning doctor only.

Generally one eye is affected and in lack of precaution it takes other eye also under its grip, sunlight and bright light is harmful in flu. Sometimes it becomes dangerous and bleeding of blood starts from the upper layer of eyes and takes long period to get cure.

Mostly children gets affected by flu, they get infected in coming contact with affected child in school, while playing etc. Itching in eyes, redness and flowing liquid is observed. Yellow sticky fluid is accumulated over the eyelids, swelling , redness and itching starts in eyes and sometimes the pain is also felt, in some of the cases the child suffer from fever due to flu .


  • Redness in eye
  • Burning sensation in eyes
  • Flow of liquid
  • Pinching in sunlight and bright light
  • Problems in opening of eyes
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Spores in inner side of eyelids

If you are suffering from conjunctivitis, do not put any eye drops into your eyes without consulting doctor, as it should cause harm to your eyes.


  • Rinse the eyes with clean water two to three times a day, do not touch or rub the eyes
  • Save yourself from coming in contact with infectious person, do not shake hands and not use belongings of infected person like spectacles, towel, pillows etc.
  • Never share your eye makeup items with others
  • Don’t grow nails much, if you wish to grow nails, cleanliness should be maintained as the dirtiness accumulated there can spread infection.
  • If redness appears in eyes and liquid flows out do not use contact lens
  • Use sunglasses when you come out of the house, it will protect your eyes from sunlight and also protect you from the allergy caused due to dust and smoke.
  • If something insert into eyes or feel pricking or irritation in eyes, never rub the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes properly with clean water, even then the problem persists, immediately concern the nearest eye specialist. Do not go for any type of treatment without concerning doctor.
  • Avoid going in overcrowded or dirty places

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