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Drishti 2011, Golden Eye Winner
Director: Nivedita Majumdar

In that one moment of Truth my education and  experience  just vanished into oblivion. Seven years old Ritu, whose eyes had never seen any colors, taught my so called Experience Eyes to see things from a different perspective. When I had participated in  Antardrishti  Short Film Festival Drishti – 2011, I had never imagined that my original script was going to be scrapped when my search for a location led me to the Braille Press. One look at Ritu and we changed the whole script. I was left amazed on seeing how at ease she was at recognising things by merely listening and smelling them. The saddening part was to see her surprised reactions in response to our dialogues as she was not even aware that a person can donate his/her eyes after death. She lives with the belief that by just sending  God an sms , God will  grant her eyes ! I am sad that some day Ritu will realise the truth, however we want her to believe that Eye Donation by fortunate and kind people can actually make her dreams come true. And people like her, who have recognised Light by feeling it, have a fair chance of seeing it too one day. Yes, we all have to come together and make this dream come true. Not just one  Ritu but many Ritu-s are waiting for you.

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