Cure of Glaucoma possible?


Cure of Glaucoma possible? It is not possible to regain the loss caused to eyes by Glaucoma, because it temporarily damages optic nerve. But if the treatment is done in time we can stop the harm caused to optic nerve to some extent and in rare cases it can be stopped from affecting optic nerve. For this it is very necessary that sufferer should be under treatment and observation of eye specialist on regular basis, as it is a life long process.

Is cure of Glaucoma possible?
What are the alternates available for the treatment of Glaucoma?

Generally, the person suffering from this disease is been treated through eye drops, laser technique or operation, eye specialists desires the way of treatment seeing the situation of the sufferer.
The primary motive of treatment is to reduce its pressure on eyes. It depends on the type of Glaucoma that which treatment should be preferred to reduce the pressure on eyes, whether it should be cured with medicines or operated. On general a special type of eye drops is given to sufferer to put in eyes which helps in reducing its pressure on eyes. Use of this drops how many times a day depends upon the type and stage of glaucoma.

Laser technique is used in the emergency condition for the treatment of Closed angle Glaucoma. A small hole is created in iris of eyes through laser, due to which the fluid being formed inside eyes drains out smoothly and it reduces pressure. The most special note that not cut is done in this process. But it this laser technique doesn’t works, finally the patient have to go for surgery. Glaucoma can be controlled through operation. In this operation, a high-energy laser beam is used to unblock clogged drainage canals, making it easier for the fluid inside the eye to drain out. This procedure nearly always reduces inner eye pressure. However, the treatment undergoes through out the life.

Prevention from Glaucoma

In most of the cases, there is no prevention for this disease, but if it happens due to some reasons, it is better to detect as earliest as possible. If the treatment is given in time, it can be controlled to some extent and sufferer can be save becoming blind. That’s why it is always suggested to avoid smoking and go for eye check-up on regular routine basis, especially those persons which can come easily under the grip of Glaucoma.

Effective Suggestions

Important points to be kept in mind for patients

  • Take medicines timely, never intake medicines without doctor’s prescription
  • Go for eye and optic nerve at least once in a year.
  • Take doctor’s advice regarding the eye pressure and for regular checkup
  • If any one member of the family is suffering from Glaucoma, in that situation all the other members of that family of above 40 years age should go for regular eye checkup

What is difference between Glaucoma and Cataract?

There is much difference between Glaucoma and Cataract. Cataract can be cured by operation whereas Glaucoma results in complete blindness. Mostly the people suffering from Glaucoma lose their eye sight. The most dangerous harm of Glaucoma the visibility of person is damaged to such extent that it can’t be cured by any of the treatment. On opposite this, cataract is not so dangerous; here the eyes become normal after the operation.

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