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The Big Diwali Bazaar: How a Blind School draws Delhi Elites to its Campus

Blind School Big Diwali Bazaar. Let me start with sketching a landscape of the school where Diwali Bazaar has been drawing the bigwigs of Delhi for over the last 3 decades. The Blind Relief Association, founded in the year 1944 is located in the heart of Delhi at the Lodhi Estate is not an ordinary campus. The Oberoi Hotel to its left and the Rashtra Pati Bhawan within 4 kilometers from the school lends it historical advantage. The iconic India Gate and the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium are the two bustling landmarks which are at a walking distance from the campus. Arguably, the geographical privilege the school is blessed with is its biggest asset. The founders of the school undoubtedly envisioned a glowing future for the school and its blind students.

Blind School Big Diwali Bazaar

This year, the school hosted the annual big Diwali Bazaar from October 21 to 27 2016. The bazaar was comprised of over 250 stalls manifesting exquisite art works,handicrafts and home decorating products. The sweaters of Croatia, cushion cover of Goa and Gujarati suits attracted the female visitors. Rajasthani art of idol/earthy pot making wooed the Bazaar goers. And what fascinated me the most the Soyabin Chipps; I purchased it and will have it with wine on the weekend. The Blind Relief Association had also put up its stall where one could choose a variety of hand-crafted paper products, stationary and candles made by the blind employees. The stall of Foot massage where blind masseurs would offer you relax was one of the great attractions. And a food Court which offered a variety of vegetarian cuisines ranging from Indian to Continental were mouth-watering. It is noteworthy that the blind students of the school were given huge discount in the food court. For example, a full plate Gol-Gapppe cost Rs 100 for the general public but was available for Rs 10 for blind students. Likewise Aalu-chaat which cost Rs 200 per plate was available in Rs 20. Given the huge profit made by the stall-owner during the Diwali Bazaar, The discount was a great idea. After all the school was the host and its residents deserved VIP treatment. Aren’t we know of Parliament’s canteen where fish-curry is available in Rs 15?

It was a worth-visit. My day was spent with great memories. The stall-owners had no problem in letting their articles be touched by the blind visitors. The atmosphere was truly captivating. The campus became the super shopping centre for a week. But this shopping centre offered a great opportunity to break myths about the capabilities and abilities of the blind people. This Bazaar provided The elites of Delhi a unique opportunity to come out of their comfort zone and witness the beauty of diverse human family

I wish a very happy Diwali to all readers.

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