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KhalidSoon after clearing I.B.P.S, I got selected for five banks (UCO, Syndicate , UBI, Bank of India and PNB) and I joined Punjab National Bank on September 10, 2012. In beginning I had to undergo for a training period of 30 weeks for which i was sent to other parts of the country. Many of my well wishers suggested me requesting for my blindness I should ask bank authorities to provide training in Delhi only. But from the childhood I always thought blind people can work like normal person, they can do everything which normal people do, so I was not willing by heart to take their suggestions and started for India’s tour.
Training started from Delhi then Bhopal, Ghatwadi, Delhi and Mumbai. After the training I got joining in PNB, Delhi branch at Nehru Palace. I had to face many problems during the training, whichever branch i used to go, first I had to explain bank manager that I work with the help of screen reader and by the time those people got understood, I was sent to other branch. Moreover little bit problems exists at every new place but this fact is true that Indians are great helpers. I got very chance to work on the computer during training but learnt a lot about banking. I got benefitted by starting my work through branch office. Here also in beginning computer was not provided to me, my work was only to reply queries. Later on, only replying queries will not work, I have to achieve more in life, for which i have to prove myself at i am also able to work and this was possible only by working in computers. Then I got an idea, when I was joining that time our CMD K.R. Kamat sir had given a statement. He said that I have to move ahead in my life. That time I had questioned to sir, did PNB would provide me this opportunity on which sir had assured me to provide all possible help. I with fear emailed him, very next day I received a call from Sir, which was beyond my hope. Sir asked- did M.D Khalid speaking, we liked your things. Go and meet my General Manager (Personal) and present your suggestions before him. I informed him that only banking field is such field where blinds can work properly. Here work is done by making and checking method, which required two people. Works which has to be done through eyes should be get done through normal person and other works like handling customers, information or other experience can be carried by me and other remaining work I can do with the help of Screen Reader.
I don’t know what happened but I got computer and screen reader both. Earlier I used these only for Customer queries. But one day I brought five leisure’s from market of those people who were not having any documents as their residential proof at Delhi. I took rent agreement and also a letter from their employers in company’s letter head stating that these people work with us and their residential address is true as per our record. But when I reached branch with all these documents no officials was ready to open account, moreover that time account opening drive was going on. Then I thought I have worked hard and as per the guidelines for opening bank account everything is correct, I asked officials you do the entry and I will certify it as i am also an officer and in this way I certified five accounts that day. That day I felt that few are annoyed with him, on other side few realized that I became officer first time. I also felt that till I will not starting working as an officer, no one will give me importance as an officer. Now the time has come to think about those works in banks where risk is low and loss of money is less like opening account, account transfer, cheque book request, corrections in KYC etc. Nowadays I am doing TM, RTGS, NEFT works also but only for those people who trust me. If software’s verifying the photo and signatures is present in work, I can do that work like ICICI. I hope that in coming days blinds will get more opportunities to work in banks and they will be able to work like normal persons.
I would like to thanks CMD Kamat Sir and my PNB colleagues for their support to a visually impaired people like me. I hope in coming days more and more visually impaired people will get chance to work in Banks.

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Md. Khalid, a blind and presently working in PNB, Nehru Palace, New Delhi

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