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Wither you are visually impaired or sighted person, self-learning has become essential in this competitive era. Although there are repetitive coaching classes available in metro cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore Chennai and so on. Due to high price only financially sound people can enjoy these facilities. To some extent even middle class people. What about those people who don’t have enoughamounts to pay and learn in these institutes? Especially if you are visually impaired person and want to proceed in life to achieve something let’s consider if you want to become an IAS officer what will you do in this case? Or if you want to excel in technology what will you do? Yes there is a proverb in English “there is a will, there is a way”. Let’s find the remedies to redress our grievances here.
Join various mailing lists and get connected with social networking sites. From social networking sites you can learn so many uncountable things apart from chatting all the time there if you utilize your time properly. Find good friends those who will guide you. There are various national and international mailing lists and website on internet to fulfill your desire. Initially, try to get familiar with the use of various search engines like,, and any other which you like. After that take the next stapes.
Interested readers can send me email at singhm[email protected], [email protected] or you can join me on face book and join my Facebook group “Knowledge the power of 21st century!” to learn about various topic I will be introducing to you national, international mailing lists and useful Facebook groups and websites to achieve your specific goal.

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