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Let us start to share our views differently. So, this time I’ve turn-up with a different motive. The very first one is with this article. As we all are sailing in the same boat, to achieve stability in both our personal and professional life. Whether it’s late or at the initial stage of life, we all face similar challenges to contribute our part. To prove oneself professionally, one embarks their lives with formal-informal required education towards there aspired career opportunities with loads of enthusiasm.

In ideal work environment, one is placed to prove oneself now. On very first day one gets in, with confidence of ‘I have enough knowledge to work on the profile I’m hired for!’ here after one experiences the magic of confidence what leads off towards reality!

What type of reality is this? To understand it, let’s walk through the story of a young lady. She beautifully established herself in the early days of her aspiration!

After completion of all the paper work, she met with her team with a mixed feeling of getting settled in a new environment with a positive attitude. In a week of her joining by her verbal communications in and around, she found team is very cooperative and management is supportive without knowing how to figure out her contribution. As days passed in trying to understand she could deliver, she realised in her team each individual is highly qualified and experienced. She was gripped by a growing sense of self doubt to survive in her organisation with her accomplishments. Slowly her enthusiasm and self-confidence vaporized. She faced lot of challenges, like there was no clue about which part of profile she could work on, tools-accessibility, and team-sensitization, how to work with PWD’s, etc….

With the work-around she was able to manage some work. Direct client interaction was part of her profile. Slowly she began on her deliverables with the weaken self-confidence. Gradually her work was recognised and appreciated by her colleagues in the team; with this she regained her confidence in less time and picked-up her profile in no time. She was honoured by her top management as “I’ve given her a chance to prove herself and hired her on my own risk, she didn’t let me down and I’m proud to have her in my team!” while introducing her with the people at leadership level. But with this her challenges weren’t end-up here, with the time she started delivering as her counter-parts do. At every next level with a smile, her feelings are filled with a single thought “Yet I’ve to prove the proven”
So, ‘SHE’ in the story is the ‘Neha Agarwal’. This is my journey to establish myself in a very supportive team. But friends however supportive is the environment, one has their own set of challenges to get settled and make their own identities. Here I leave the article on you to think over it, guys you can write to me on [email protected] To know more about how I have come up despite many challenging circumstances.

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