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Monsoon is the time for making a splash in the rain. But this is also the time when eye problems plague most people, but little bit of precautions and remedies can ensure safety of  our eyes in monsoon.

Cleanliness – Keep special attention for clean and care of your eyes in monsoon, rinse the eyes with clean and cold water. Try to clean your eyes two-thrice times a day and do not try to touch or rub your eyes very often as it increases the possibility of viral infection. Keep the nails small, or you are habitual of keeping big nails in that case proper cleanliness is must. If eyes are pricking don not rub your eyelids otherwise it would increase the danger of being infected.

Strong wind and sunlight – if strong wind is blowing or bright sunlight you are moving out then use sun glasses, it will prevent your eyes from the infection caused due to smoke and dust, and if you use contact lens, it will also protect lens, as there is fear of flying of contact lens during strong wind.

While splashing in rain – if you are getting wet in rain try to keep your eyes close, however the rain water is clean to some extent but if the rain water is splashing with touch of other bodies, and there is possibility of mixing of dirtiness in rain water which can cause eye infection. Avoid to keep your eyes open during the rain, but can’t avoid , in that case immediately rinse your hands and eyes with clean water.

Protect yourself with rain splashes – rain splashes on roads brings happiness in our face but it brings dirtiness along with it which is harmful for eyes. If this splash from water logged areas sprinkles into your eyes immediately rinse your eyes with clean water, as that dirty water can contain virus which can cause viral infection to your eyes in monsoon.

Swimming – never use swimming pool during rainy season, as it pool water increases the viral attack on your eyes.

Eye makeup – makeup comes out easily during rainy season , so always try to keep water proof makeup kit with you and never share it with others

Conjunctivitis – This problem increases a lot during rainy season, the symptoms of this disease are redness, swelling and burning of the eyes. It is caused due to viral or fungal infection, dust, pollen or cosmetics Conjunctivitis is cured in days, as it is not dangerous but being in eyes the problem increases. Cure conjunctivitis by medication and wear dark glasses to prevent hand contact with the eyes and keeps them cool.

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