If I beg I’d get more money” says visually impaired Raju


“If I beg I’d get more money” says 35 yr old visually impaired Raju Gawai from Vidharbha, currently living at Kalyan. Raju lost 3 children because of malnutrition and has a yr old daughter. To support his family he travels every day to Lonavala at 5am, buys Chikkies and then sell them in the train, whole day. Apparently the business is not doing too well and it’s getting tough to support his family.

If you have any event/function where Raju can put up a stall and sell Chikki, do let him or me know. Raju is a good friend now and I can vouch for his honesty. I have been to his home and seen the challenges he is facing.
Let’s bring light and happiness in his life.

From the facebook wall of Dipesh Tank and thanks to Varun Grover for sharing the post.

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