Diabetic Retinopathy, What does Allopathy says


Conversation regarding dDiabetic Retinopathy, What does Allopathy says with Dr Punit Gupta from Delhi by Divya Sahu

Diabetic Retinopathy, What does Allopathy says

How you see the diabetes diseases in terms of eyes?
Presently in India, diseases related to life style is being increasing day by day and this is the reason for diabetes also. If the problems related to diabetes increases its harms nerves and give rise to heart problems. In similar the dangerous affect of diabetes is seen on eyes. The effect of diabetes caused on retina is called diabetic retinopathy. As the diabetes is increasing among people, the diabetic retinopathy cases are also being seen among people.


How the diabetic retinopathy does harm our body?
The vision capacity of eyes is affected due to diabetic retinopathy, but if the patients gets the proper treatment in time, it can be cured otherwise patient had to face its serious consequences, a person can become blind also.

How much effective is the development done for the prevention of eye diseases caused due to diabetes in medical science?
Most important thing is that Retina specialists do the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, now these specialists are present in large number in our country. Earlier they were only few. We have progressed in eye check-up n treatment only due to the progress of medical science. Retina specialists carries the angiography of eyes of the patient followed by scanning of retina, due to which the changes occurred in eyes due to diabetes can be detected.

During the treatment the diabetes patient is thoroughly checked, eye checkup is incomplete without the scanning of retina.

There are various ways of treatment of this disease but laser treatment plays an important role in this direction. Special injections are also available which are kept in anti vascular endothelial growth fact group and it is available in our country. If any patient comes in such condition whose eyes can/t be cured in such condition the surgery of eye membrane can be done to save retina, and this can be done only by retina specialists.

Most important point is to detect or check the diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in time. When the patient approaches doctor late, eyes can’t be cured properly this is possible by giving the treatment at initial stage. Many times the patients make delay in approaching doctor for treatment in such situation it becomes impossible for us to cure.

How is the future for the treatment of this disease for the people suffering from blindness.
Medical science had progressed a lot. If we go 22 years back, we can find that the patients used to become blind in doctor’s presence and doctors were helpless to stop this. But presently doctors are capable to some extent to bring vision back. We hope a better treatment facility in coming days in medical science.

Which type of life style is suitable to prevent diabetes and diabetic retinopathy?
Every person should remain aware regarding diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled with the help of physician doctors. If diabetes is kept in control, eye problems can be reduced. Most important fact, that if a person is suffering from diabetes it is must to consult eye doctor. It is necessary to consult eye specialists once in a year even if no problem exists. Generally when the person is unable to see properly or problem in vision, they go to eye doctor, but by that time retina is badly affected due to diabetes. If the diabetes patients concern the eye specialists in initial stage, he can be prevented from becoming blind. And apart from this it is necessary to bring changes in our life style, food habits and do regular exercise.

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