How the blind child life can be made normal


How the blind child life can be made normal, mumbai based visually impaired computer instructor Nikita Patil sharing her view.

When a blind child is born in this world or when a family comes to know that their child is blind then the environment of a home turns into gloominess. The worries of the parents of the child increases. The parents think that their child can do nothing and has no future. He won’t be able to read and write, his whole life is in darkness. It is because of this thinking that in future they will have to face many difficulties. This thinking has to be changed by the parents, so what if their child is blind, so what if he has to face many hurdles, so what if e has to face difficulties in life……
There are many reasons like this that many parents do not allow their child to go out of home. Sometimes parents do not know about the school for blinds, but now government has made a rule that any blind child can go to a normal school to complete education. Parents should not make a difference between blind child and normal child because if the parents thinking don’t change then the child won’t be able to progress in life. In any field, now we are not far behind. Earlier we were only be able to become teachers, professors or telephone operator but now due to technologies there are many ways open for us.

How the blind child life can be made normal

Lets find the answer of how the blind child life can be made normal? Parents should support their children from their school level itself like letting them mix with normal children. While studying parents should read, should talk about different topics, should ask for suggestions, should be given freedom to say something freely, fulfill the necessities but keep in mind not to change the necessities into a charity. We should inspire motivate him to become what he wants in future

Often parents differentiate between normal and blind child. This should not be so as there is no difference between a blind child and a normal child. It is the responsibility of all parents to give their child a normal life. A blind child should be given training to lead a normal life and like other children parents should have some expectations from him and that should be the thinking of all parents.
Every parent will be a winner when all blind children will be able to read and write and progress in life and become a good human being. If parents are able to change their thinking, then the perspectives towards blind will also be changed.

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