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AAP’s visually impaired candidate from Koppal

When did you contested in the elections for the first time?
Shivakumar: in 2008, I have contested for the first time in our state legislative elections, followed by in 2009 Lok Sabha election in both of them I had lossed in a nail-bighting margin.

What comes in your mind as being blind and joining in politics?
Shivakumar: I have been noticing from a long time that we have been growing in all fields except politics. Therefore, I thought to take this initiative to jump into the politics to register our participation. However, after contesting the elections couple of time, I feel that without the provision of reservation for the disabled in politics, its highly a cumbersome task to hang on with the abled masses.

Why have you chosen the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)?
Shivakumar: here I would like to say something. It was really an honourable moment for our society that I haven’t approached them, 15 days ago I have received a call from Mr. Ragavendar from the Aam Aadmi Party and said that they want to provide me a ticket to contest the elections under the banner of Aam Aadmi Party. I had given a thought about it for couple of days and came to conclusion to contest the election on behalf of Aam Aadmi Party.

Tell us about the reception of your surroundings after hearing your nod to contest on behalf of Aam Aadmi Party?
Shivakumar: most of the people felt happy about it, but the friends supporting BJP and congress said that I have chosen Aam Aadmi Party to lose not to win.

Are you getting support and cooperation from the organizations working for the visually impaired?
Shivakumar: I feel glad to say, Radio Udaan is the first medium that governing visually impaired who took me to limelight.

Have you contacted any organization which is working for the visually challenged?
Shivakumar: with the help of Radio Udaan, I was able to contact Mr. Santhoshkumar Rungta, General Secretary of tNational Federation of the Blind (NFB).

Can you share the experience of that conversation?
Shivakumar: I am having a second though whether to share or not. After giving the assurance of the freedom of expression by Radio Udaan’s interviewer,
Shivakumar: I called Mr. Rungta @ 3 30 PM on this past Tuesday, I have been informed to call after 5 PM. I have called him around 7 PM on the same day, he has cut the call at first, I have called again, the call has been attended, after I introduced myself, the call got cut. Its disappointing, now I am in a state of mind whether to call again or not.

Tell us about your financial management?
Shivkumar: Aam Aadmi Party has assured me R.S. 5 Lakh. However I have heard that other parties are distributing money to grab the voter. I don’t have money to distribute and I don’t want to do it. But I would like to mention one thing that, 5 lakh is a very little amount therefore I request to all my brothers and sisters to donate minimum R.S. 10 to assist me thus I could widen the campaign and I can
represent our society in Indian Politics. Here is the account details
shivkumar navalisiddappa tontapur
state bank of hydrabad, kushtagi branch
account # 62337704049
IFC: SBHY0020210

What would you like to give us your final message?
Shivakumar: first of all, I would like to thank Radio Udaan for this significant opportunity to reach my fellow members. As of now, the blocks I have visited in my constituency, where people are highly
appreciating my contention by being a visually challenged and they have assured their support in my victory.
Disclaimer: this interview has been taken by keeping the visually challenged society only thus the questions regard to the general aspects have been avoided.

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