Blind Child – Part I

Do you aware of the fact that child learns and understand the things very speedily till the age of five years and after that learning process slows down. So as soon as we come to know that the child is blinds we should begin the learning procedure for him. We can teach the blind child normally as similar to the way we teach normal children without any special training, so that it can help then shaping their future bright.
No body knows better than the parents regarding the child’s requirements, it can be planned according to his requirement what to teach on priority basis. While selecting the activities for the blind child it is should be ensured that child can do that activity easily and that activity should not become burden for you also. Begin with the small and easy activity. Selection of activity should be done keeping the age of child in mind and things what he had learnt till now. Try to involve the child more and more in daily routine works, so that he will get large number of opportunities to learn things.

Things to be considered

Frame the activity suitable according to you

Frame the activity viewing yours and child’s ability and situations. A child can learn many skills in different types. You can frame the activity to be taught suitable according to you so that not only it will become easy for the child to learn but other family members and society people can also use it. As you will begin the various activities with the child, with course of time you will come to know about the ability and interest of the child regarding other activities and child will be encourage for other activities also, which will help you in teaching him other similar activities.

Try the activity first

Before saying the child to do something, first you practice the same work by close eyes or covered eyes. While working always remember that how you have done the work, from where u begin, the problems you faced which doing that work and what all things you have done which working with close eyes. If you will be able to remember the things it would prove easy for you to teach the same activity to the child. For example if you want to teach child how to eat food, so first try to eat yourself by closing eyes and when get success in eating with close eyes, then teach child that how he can eat food by own.

Teach by standing with him

When you are explaining the child how to begin the new work like how to catch hold the things or take food by own, try to be in back side of the child, as it is convenient for both you and child. Never the change the way of working or teaching the same work again and again .
As you have to teach lots of activities to the child but always keep in mind that words which you used in teaching the earlier activities should be used while teaching further activities. Changing the words may create problem for the child while learning. For example if you call the child by saying come here, use the words in same sequence while calling the child another time. And also be careful that other members of the family should also teach the child in same manner in way he is learning.

Give complete chance to child to learn

Those child who are not able to see requires more time to learn as compared to normal children, if child is taking more time to learn things, don’t get disappointed and give the child sufficient time to learn. Do not do any such things that child feel disappointed. However it will take more time but he will be able to learn the working as normal children.
Keep on informing the child about the learning progress.
Blind child is not able to know that when the work will finish, so it is very important to keep on informing them that how much work is done and how much is still remaining, also appreciate his working, this will encourage the child and he will try to do the work in more better way.

Always make the child regarding the activities going around

Normal children are well aware about the activities going around them, like how many people are there, what they are doing etc. Even blind child also come to know about many things by help of other senses and you can guide him by giving detailed information about the things going on around him. This will not only increase his knowledge but also help in learning various activities.

Blind Child – Part II

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